3 Misconceptions that can Derail a Workers’ Compensation Claim

When you are injured on the job, workers’ compensation benefits are intended to cover the expenses associated with your recovery such as medical bills and lost wages. Unfortunately, the system is not as simple and benevolent as one would hope, and there are complexities and problems which can result in an injured worker with a legitimate claim failing to receive the benefits which they are due.

The surest way to secure workers compensation benefits is to allow a skilled attorney handle the claim for you from the initial application and through the appeals process, should it be necessary. The Des Moines workers’ compensation lawyers of LaMarca Law Group, P.C., will put their formidable experience and knowledge to work in support of your claim. Contact us at 877-327-2600 to learn more about how we can help.

Myths about Workers’ Comp

While workers compensation is intended to help provide relief of financial burden to those injured in the workplace, the process is not automatic. Failing to recognize the fault in the following statements can put your benefits in jeopardy:

  1. “You don’t need an attorney for a workers’ compensation claim.” While it is entirely possible to win benefits without the aid of a lawyer, you are statistically three times as likely to be successful in your claim with one.
  2. “The insurance company’s doctor is the final word on whether your injury qualifies for benefits.” You are fully entitled to seek a second opinion if you suspect that the insurance company’s doctor was dishonest or incorrect in their evaluation.
  3. “The workers’ compensation insurance company exists to provide injured workers with benefits.” An insurance company is a business, not a charity. They will act in a manner that protects their bottom line, meaning that they have an incentive to deny benefits whenever possible.

If you keep these ideas in mind and secure the services of a skilled attorney, you are far more likely to be successful in your workers’ comp claim.

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