Arm Injuries in the Workplace

Workers’ compensation insurance is mandated by the state of Iowa for virtually all employers, and the benefits available through these policies are intended to help injured or sickened workers and their families to cope with the effects of a workplace injury. Arm injuries are a frequent occurrence across a broad spectrum of occupations and they can compromise an individual’s ability to work at full capacity. Workers’ compensation benefits will cover the cost of medical care for these injuries and will also provide partial pay for missed work time, which can be a lifesaver for a struggling family.

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Common Upper Extremity Injuries

Tasks as varied as typing, assembly, lifting, carrying, and painting all depend upon the pain-free function of one’s arms, shoulders, and hands. But the intensive use of those parts of the body creates an increased probability of suffering an occupational injury. Even apparently minor traumas can accumulate over time to contribute to a debilitating repetitive strain injury. Common upper extremity injuries include:

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