Avoiding Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Repetitive strain injuries that are incurred through the ongoing performance of specific occupational tasks are a source of ongoing danger to worker health. They develop slowly over the course of a long period of time and may exhibit little warning until it is too late to avoid serious pain and medical attention.

The most widely known repetitive strain injury that is associated with the modern workplace is carpal tunnel syndrome, which is typically linked to typing and other computer-based endeavors, though not exclusively. Accordingly, the swift and dramatic expansion of computer use in office and other environments has been accompanied by a rise in the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome.

If you are suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome that has been caused by the performance of your occupational duties then you are likely entitled to file a claim for workers’ compensation benefits. These can address the medical bills, lost wages and some other financial effects of your occupational injury. Contact the Des Moines workers compensation lawyers of LaMarca Law Group, P.C. at 877-327-2600 to speak with a skilled and experienced attorney about your case.

Preventive Measures

Though it may be too late to prevent your first flare up of carpal tunnel syndrome, once you have undergone the necessary medical treatment and recuperation to return to work, you will surely want to be prepared to avoid winding up in the same painful predicament again in the future. To reduce the likelihood that you will develop carpal tunnel syndrome, consider the following pieces of advice:

  • Use screens and keyboards that can be adjusted to fit you more comfortably
  • Take short breaks regularly to relax the arms, hands, and wrists
  • Type lightly and sit upright
  • Utilize a cushioned wrist pad for your keyboard to elevate the level of your wrists

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