Avoiding Repetitive Strain Injuries

In most occupations, there is no way around the fact that each workday and workweek will require the intense repetition of a specific set of mental and physical tasks. As a consequence, workers may develop conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome, bursitis, tendonitis, and eye strain. Proper treatment and recovery for these work-related ailments may require considerable medical care and missed time at work. In most cases, Iowa workers’ compensation law offers protection for injured employees.

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Injury Prevention Tips

Many employers offer some sort of training about ways to minimize the adverse physical impact of labor, and assistive equipment exists to help with some foreseeable dangers. But it is important that you are aware of measures that you can take to protect your own health and to avoid developing a preventable strain injury. Some tips for avoiding repetitive strain injuries include:

  • Take regular breaks to allow your muscles to rest
  • If your work requires you to look at a computer screen, look away for several seconds every few minutes to prevent eyestrain
  • Attempt to perform physical tasks in the prescribed manner, since this can minimize the risk of injury
  • Adjust your workspace as possible so that you are comfortable – this may involve manipulating your chair, monitor, or other equipment so that it is more ergonomically satisfactory

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