Compensation for Temporary Workers

At many businesses and governmental agencies, temporary employees make up an important part of the workforce. Temporary workers, commonly known as “temps,” typically work the same amount of time and are subject to the same working conditions as permanent employees. Although temps and regular employees share much in common, their employment contracts may differ on important issues such as workers’ compensation.

If you have questions about your right to workers’ compensation as a temporary employee, the lawyers of LaMarca Law Group, P.C., may be able to help you to better understand your legal rights. Our Des Moines workers’ compensation lawyers have years of experience helping employees to seek the benefits to which they are entitled. Contact us at 877-327-2600 to speak with a knowledgeable representative about your case.

Who Provides Compensation for Temporary Workers?

Temporary employees occupy a unique position in the workforce. As a temp, you work simultaneously for a staffing agency and a temporary employer. In many instances, the staffing agency provides its employees with pay and benefits. In other cases, compensation comes directly from the business or agency that hosts the worker. For most temporary employees, workers’ compensation is available through one or both of these sources.

Coping with a workplace injury can be difficult, especially without financial support from your employer. Often, the first step toward getting compensation for a workplace injury is determining which organization is responsible for providing your workers’ compensation. If you have concerns about this or other aspects of the workers’ compensation process, contact an experienced attorney as soon as possible.

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