Cumulative Workplace Injuries

The workers’ compensation system is meant to protect workers from financial difficulties due to injuries they sustain at work. Most employers are legally required to carry workers’ compensation insurance for the sake of their employees’ health. People who are injured while carrying out their work duties can receive compensation to cover their medical expenses, missed wages, and other losses.

The injuries covered by workers’ compensation usually fall into one of two categories: incident injuries and cumulative injuries. The term “incident injury” refers to medical harm resulting from one specific accident, such as a dropped object or car accident. This kind of injury accounts for most workers’ compensation claims.

A cumulative injury, in contrast, is not caused all at once. It develops over time as a result of a certain workplace hazard. Cumulative injury claims can be more difficult to file successfully, as proving when and why a person became ill is not easy. To learn more, call the Des Moines cumulative workplace injury lawyers of LaMarca Law Group, P.C. at 877-327-2600.

Common Cumulative Injuries

Cumulative injuries can do a great deal of harm to workers before they are finally diagnosed and, if possible, treated. Some of the more common cumulative injuries that workers suffer from include:

  • Hearing loss: Working around loud equipment or machinery can lead to impaired hearing over time. Sometimes hearing aids or other forms of treatment are required.
  • Toxic chemical exposure: People who work with hazardous chemicals like industrial solvents, machinery fuel, or cleaning agents can develop severe medical conditions. The lungs, liver, and kidneys are particularly vulnerable to damage caused by toxic substance exposure.
  • Cumulative trauma: Regularly putting strain on the body, such as lifting heavy objects, can damage the musculoskeletal system over time. Conversely, sitting still for long periods of time can also cause muscle weakness, heart conditions, and other problems.

Winning compensation without the help of a Des Moines cumulative workplace injury attorney can be a difficult undertaking. There is often debate about whether the statute of limitations begins running when the injury was first diagnosed, caused the employee to miss work, or necessitated treatment.

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