The Importance of Documenting Occupational Injuries

The workers’ compensation system can be of tremendous value to an injured employee and his or her family. Unfortunately the desire of employers and workers’ compensation insurance companies to limit the number of claims that are paid may interfere with swift access to those legally guaranteed benefits. As they are evaluating your claim, these entities may seek any reason that they can to dismiss a claim. It is important that you do not create any additional grounds upon which they may do so.

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Things You Must Note

The claims investigator who is assigned to your case is likely to solicit accident reports from those who were present at the time of the accident that resulted in your injury. It is also probable that your behavior and actions in the subsequent time on the job will be evaluated. Things that you should keep careful account of to avoid creating an escape route for the workers’ compensation insurance company include:

  • The time, date, and location of the accident
  • An accurate description of the incident, including the presence of other persons
  • What you perceive to have been the cause and effect of the accident
  • The effect that the resulting injuries have on your capacity to perform your job
  • Any and all medical assessments that you have obtained on your own

Inconsistent reporting of details pertaining to your accident and injury are perceived as a sign that you are being dishonest and could endanger your benefits, so it is absolutely in your best interest to carefully document all information pertaining to the event.

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