Factory Accident Dangers

Factories are responsible for producing goods that we rely on in our daily lives. From cars and airplanes to processed food and prescription drugs, factories must meet production to keep up with the demand of consumers. Many factories employ large numbers of workers who operate heavy machinery and work assembly lines to keep production on track. Unfortunately, factories contain a number of hazards that could cause injury to workers.

Factory Hazards

A worker who is not properly trained, is put in an unsafe work environment, or who is overworked may have a greater risk of being injured on the job. Even when all safety precautions are taken and procedures followed, random accidents may still occur that cause injury. Some possible hazards that could hurt factory workers are:

  • Heavy equipment malfunction
  • Improper operation of machinery
  • Fire or explosion
  • Chemical spill
  • Lack of safety gear
  • Lack of training
  • Poorly marked evacuation routes

A worker may also be injured simply from repeating the same manual task for several hours each day. Over time, regular strain put on the same part of the body can lead to a repetitive motion injury.

Recovering Workers’ Compensation

A worker who sustains a work-related injury may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits through his or her employer. However, in many cases a worker may be given less than fair compensation for his or her injury-related costs. A Des Moines workers’ compensation attorney can help to keep your employer and workers’ compensation provider honest to ensure that you receive the full payment that you are entitled to.

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