Finger and Toe Dismemberment

The risk of dismemberment is an unnerving reality for many workers in the US. Fingers and toes are particularly at risk for these devastating injuries. When construction workers, industrial laborers, or even a retail employee in a stockroom drop something or have something dropped onto their feet or hands, it is possible for the force to irreparably damage a toe or finger.

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Scheduled Member Disability for Fingers and Toes

Scheduled member disability establishes a rough timeline for employees to follow that can determine how long of a recovery period that they may take before returning to work if they have been dismembered. In the case of fingers and toes, the amounts can change according to which digit has been compromised. The disability schedules include:

  • 40 weeks for a big toe
  • 15 weeks for each other toe
  • 60 weeks for a thumb
  • 35 weeks for the first finger lost
  • Subsequently 5 fewer weeks for each finger, to a minimum of 20 weeks

Dropped sheets of metal, closing glass doors, or falling weights can lead to the loss of a finger or toe without any way for an employee to protect themselves. With significant enough weights, even steel-toed boots may not be able to prevent dismemberment. The loss of a finger is perhaps even more common.

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