Fire Hazards at Work

Gaining the ability to start and control fire certainly constitutes one of the greatest achievements in the history of humankind. It has at various times served to provide warmth, to discourage animal attacks, and to render food and water safe to consume. But when fires are started accidentally or spread beyond their intended zone, the consequences can be dire. Serious injuries are likely to result and death is a virtual certainty if a person cannot escape and the fire cannot be extinguished in a timely fashion. Fire or intense heat plays a role in many jobs, but fire hazards can be found anywhere.

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Sources of Fire Danger

Given the immense danger that fire poses, building codes include stipulations on kinds of materials that can and cannot be used. There also may be special requirements in place for rooms or fixtures where fire is going to be utilized on an ongoing basis. In different workplaces, fire hazards may stem from:

  • Frayed or exposed electrical wiring
  • Improper ventilation of devices that produce intense heat
  • The presence of combustible gases and flammable liquids
  • Close proximity of flammable materials and heat sources
  • Improper storage of chemicals
  • Violation of a building or room’s maximum capacity
  • Empty, expired, or missing fire extinguishers

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The physical pain that burns typically cause is extreme, and these injuries often require surgeries and significant time to heal. To ensure that you have the resources necessary to cope, contact the Des Moines workers’ compensation attorneys of LaMarca Law Group, P.C. at 877-327-2600.

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