Healing Period Benefits

Suffering a permanent disability at the workplace can lead to a difficult process of working through workers’ compensation claims, recovery, and readjusting to life after the injury. For people who are eligible for workers’ compensation, the law offers certain level of compensation while they recover from their injuries. These benefits are known as healing period benefits, which are meant to allow a worker to prepare to work again.

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How Long Do These Benefits Last?

Healing benefits are intended for people who need time to recover before they can return to work. They can also be important financial protection during the process of physical therapy sessions, which can be extremely stressful to those recovering. Healing period benefits are limited, though, and are generally terminated when one of the following conditions is met:

  • Returning to a person’s place of work for employment
  • Recovering to a doctor’s expectations
  • Recovering to a level that allows for work to be done

If any of these qualifications are met, a person is supposed to go off of healing period benefits from that point on, as he or she no longer requires the benefit coverage or are no longer capable of significantly improving their health.

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