Industrial Injuries

The term “industrial injuries” is used in workers’ compensation law to describe an injury that limits a worker’s ability to continue working to the same capacity as before. Industrial injuries occur when a person either cannot meet the standards of his or her regular hours or will not be physically capable of keeping the same job at all. Workers suffering from industrial injuries may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits to compensate them for their lost income.

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Industrial versus “Body as a Whole”

Injuries can be industrial or “body as a whole.” While these types of injuries can overlap, “body as a whole” injuries typically affect more than one area. For example, back, hip, and neck injuries all can be classified as “body as a whole” injuries, because they can cause more widespread pain or bodily damage than appendage injuries.

While these can contribute to industrial injuries, determining if an injury reduces a worker’s earnings potential uses a series of important factors. This may include:

  • Age and experience
  • Educational history
  • The degree of injury
  • Physical requirements of the job

If you believe you have suffered an industrial injury, a Des Moines workers’ compensation lawyer can better explain the details of this type of compensation and what it means to you.

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