Minimizing the Risk of Slip and Trip Injuries

Iowa workers’ compensation law expressly states that there is no consideration of fault in the evaluation of a claim. That does not mean, however, that there are no measures that companies can take to protect their employees. Slip and trip incidents are consistently among the most common causes of occupational injuries annually. While a person’s occasional misstep or clumsiness may make some such accidents inevitable, the majority of falls or near-falls in the work setting are preventable.

Most employers are legally bound to carry insurance to provide for your medical care and some wage concerns in the wake of an occupational injury. To ensure that your claim is properly filed and that you have the representation that you need, contact the slip and trip attorneys of LaMarca Law Group, P.C., at 877-327-2600.

Taking Steps to Make Steps Safe

Obviously the specific needs of a workplace are highly variable. The nature of the work to be performed there and the tools and equipment necessary to accomplish those tasks must be taken into consideration. The physical layout of the building or space also becomes a factor. In any setting, however, the following steps might serve to help:

  • Properly securing and routing wires and cables to keep them out of walkways
  • Storing boxes and other items in a separate space or installing shelving and other organizational devices to keep them out of the path
  • Ensuring that floors and stairs are properly maintained
  • Promptly cleaning up spills of liquids and clearing ice on walkways

If you believe your employer is not providing a reasonably safe workplace, you may have grounds for filing an official complaint. Our Des Moines workplace injury attorneys can inform you about your legal rights.

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