The Lasting Effects of Occupational Amputation Injuries

While any job can be dangerous, there are some occupations which expose workers to a heightened threat of traumatic injuries. One of the most severe injuries a person can suffer is one that requires the amputation of a limb or digit. Amputations can have a devastating and lasting effect on many aspects of a worker’s life. It is important that you understand your rights if you have sustained this or any other injury in the workplace.

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Coping with Amputations

Some of the lingering effects of occupational amputation injuries include:

  • Heightened risk of depression and other mental health concerns
  • Social withdrawal
  • Persistent phantom pains
  • Inability to perform tasks essential to one’s chosen occupation

Unlike most occupational injuries, time and treatment will not fully heal the effects of an amputation. Prostheses and therapy can help amputees to recover some functional capacity in the affected part of the body, though it is primarily through learning alternative means of accomplishing familiar tasks. This situation makes it essential for individuals who have suffered amputations as a result of their work to be aware of the challenges they will face and their right to assistance with some of these needs.

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