Office Relations and Workers’ Compensation

The introduction of mandatory workers’ compensation programs in the early 20th century marked a significant change in the employment landscape. It marked one of the largest concessions to worker safety in the history of the industrial world, although it was not without some sacrifices on the part of employees. Notably, though workers’ compensation does not require an injured worker to prove that the employer or an agent of the company was at fault for an accident, it prohibits the pursuit of a legal action barring certain circumstances and effectively limits the amount of compensation that may be gained.

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Dealing with a Hostile Workplace

One thing that has long served the nation well is the strong work ethic that motivates a desire to produce high quality work. Unfortunately, this commitment has led to a misguided view that employees who suffer on the job injuries are somehow less than genuine and are merely attempting to “game the system”. However, the reality is that nearly any work environment has the potential to cause or expose workers to accidental injuries.

This conflict can result in some deep discord when an injured worker returns to work, but it is important to remember the following in the face of a hostile workplace after you have filed a workers’ compensation claim:

  • You are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits under the law
  • Your employer is legally prohibited from retaliating in any way
  • Workers’ compensation benefits are often the only way to help your family cope with the medical bills and lost wages associated with a workplace injury

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