Restaurant Employee Injuries

Dining out is a luxury for some and it is a way of life for others. As diners peruse the menu, place their orders, and eat the meal that they have paid for the privilege of not having to prepare or clean up after, it is unlikely that they lend a passing thought to the workplace conditions of the restaurant employees. But in addition to demanding odd and long hours, the hosts, servers, cooks, and others who toil in restaurant work face a day loaded with potential sources of occupational illness or injury.

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Hazards of Haute Cuisine

The nature of the specific hazards that a restaurant worker will face varies depending upon his or her role in the process. Cooks have a greater degree of interaction, for example, with hot surfaces and potentially contaminated foods than do hosts. But each position exposes employees to the risk of serious injury, of which the following list represents a small portion:

  • Scalding burns from boiling water or hot dishwater
  • Contact burns from contact with pots, pans, or stove surfaces
  • Severe lacerations (from broken glasses, broken dishes, or knives)
  • Traumatic brain injuries (due to slip and fall on wet floors)

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