Treating Workplace Burns

Many people are employed in jobs that require working with or around heat sources. Welders, electricians, power plant workers, fire fighters, and metal workers are just a few of the numerous jobs that involve working with heat in some form. These jobs carry a much higher risk for burn injuries than other jobs, but burn injuries can occur in other jobs as well.

If you or someone you love experienced a work-related burn injury, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. To discuss your case with knowledgeable and compassionate lawyers, contact our Des Moines workers’ compensation attorneys at 877-327-2600 today.

Treating Workplace Burns

Burn injuries can range in severity from fairly mild to extremely painful and debilitating. There are 3 types of burns: first-degree burns, second-degree burns, and third-degree burns. First-degree burns are the most mild and generally heal within a week’s time, whereas third-degree burns are the most severe and can take a long time to heal. Sometimes, total recovery from third-degree burns is not possible.

In the event that you or someone you work with experiences a work-related burn injury, take the following steps in order to prevent the burn from getting worse while medical attention is sought:

  • Smother any flames that may be around
  • Run cool water over the affected area for at least 10-20 minutes. Avoid using cold water, cold water can kill skin cells.
  • Avoid picking, peeling, and touching the burn to avoid further damage.
  • Cover the burn with a clean cloth or bandage to prevent infection.
  • Have a doctor assess the burn in order to create a recovery plan.

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