When Insurance Providers Commit Fraud

Workers’ compensation fraud has often been a hot topic among business owners, insurance company employees, and government workers. When most people hear this term, they assume it refers to a worker who is faking an injury or trying to receive unfair benefits. The truth is that this kind of behavior is only one kind of workers’ compensation fraud. In other cases, workers are actually the victims and not the perpetrators.

Unfortunately, it is not always easy for injured employees to know when they are being defrauded. The level of bureaucracy and red tape in the workers’ compensation system means that cases are often handled slowly or unfairly denied even when no law is being broken. If you suspect that you are the victim of fraud, you need to discuss it with a qualified Des Moines workers’ compensation fraud lawyer.

Examples of Workers’ Compensation Fraud

Workers compensation scams can by committed by employers, workers’ compensation insurance companies, and physicians. Some all too common examples include:

  • Deliberately processing claims slowly in the hopes that the claimant will give up
  • Employers who refuse to report injuries to keep insurance premiums down
  • Bribing physicians to treat injuries cheaply or send employees back to work
  • Failure to inform injured workers of their rights and responsibilities
  • Unfairly denying claims, or even intentionally altering them

A victim of insurance fraud can receive compensation for his or her financial losses by taking legal action against those responsible. However, deceit can be very difficult to prove in court. You will need an experienced and dedicated Des Moines workers’ compensation fraud attorney on your side to have the best chances of success.

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