Workers’ Compensation and Workplace Violence

The focus of most discussions about workers’ compensation tends to be placed upon the elements of worker health and safety most directly associated with the industry or a person’s particular job function. This is a valuable investigation, to be sure, but the rarer occurrence of an act of intentional violence in the workplace also interferes with any number of facets of a company or worker’s life. The physical and emotional injuries that result from these episodes may be covered under workers’ compensation law, depending upon the circumstances and location in which they take place.

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Potential Triggers of Workplace Attacks

Part of the reason that workplace violence is so troubling is that there is virtually no way to anticipate an act of aggression before it takes place. And even if your occupation is likely to be targeted, there is a finite amount of security that can be reasonably instituted and that may not be enough to prevent your injury. These attacks may be triggered by:

  • Intense Customer Dissatisfaction
  • Disgruntlement of an Employee or Former Employee
  • Personal Conflicts Between Co-Workers
  • Personal Conflicts of Other Employees with Non-Employees
  • Economic Desperation
  • Mental Health Issues

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