Workers’ Compensation Appeals

Workers’ comp is a very important system: it allows injured employees to get the healthcare they need without excessive financial strain. At least, that is the way it is intended to work. Unfortunately, many workers struggle to receive fair compensation for their medical expenses, lost wages caused by missed work, and so on. If you have received an unfair settlement, you have the option of appealing it.

You are not legally required to seek legal representation before disputing an insurance settlement. It is recommended that you do so, however. An experienced Des Moines workers’ comp appeal lawyer can help you navigate Iowa’s complex workers’ compensation laws. To learn more, call the offices of LaMarca Law Group, P.C. at 877-327-2600.

How to Dispute a Settlement

There are many different problems an injured worker may need to deal with. You could be offered an inadequate amount to cover your expenses, or not offered a settlement at all. You could also be dissatisfied with the healthcare offered by your employer or even be a victim of fraud. All of these disputes and more are handled by the Iowa Workforce Development’s Division of Workers’ Compensation.

The first step in settling an insurance dispute is to discuss the matter with your employer and/or their insurance provider. A Des Moines workers’ compensation attorney can help you arrange the necessary meetings and defend your case. Hopefully you will be able to reach an agreement at this stage.

If not, you or preferably your attorney needs to contact a compliance administrator in the Division of Workers’ Compensation to discuss your options. It may be necessary to arrange a contested-case proceeding. If so, you and your employer or insurance provider will meet with a workers’ compensation commissioner to discuss the problem. With the help of a good lawyer, you should be able to settle the matter at last.

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