Green projects at high risk for construction injuries

Green energy projects continue to increase in demand and many are worried that the rising numbers of solar and wind power projects are forcing companies to hire new and inexperienced workers to complete them. In 2010, the Solar Energy Industries Association states that the solar energy industry doubled its employment to 100,000 workers and the wind industry boasts more than 75,000 employees.

However, watchdog members of groups like the Industrial Wind Action Group say that they’ve been hearing more reports of construction injuries, accidents, and deaths. Some workers have died, falling from dangerous heights while installing solar panels or performing maintenance on windmill turbines. But even specialized technicians are at risk for electrocution and asphyxiate when in closed quarters with harmful gases. Fires and explosions have also been reported from the wiring of solar panels. Cadmium and selenium, common materials in solar panels, are considered explosive and carcinogenic by the Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition.

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