Iowa State Budget Leaves Question Mark for Workers’ Compensation

When Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad released his state budget proposal last month, he was not entirely clear on one key issue. That issue was workers’ compensation for nearly 20,000 union represented state workers.

Unfortunately, for union workers, this issue may not be resolved so easily. Despite the fact that there is extra money in the budget, Branstad wants to “win concessions from public sector workers.” In other words, Branstad wants these workers to pay a portion of their health control costs.

Union president Danny Homan, of Iowa Council 61 of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, believes Branstad’s actions are an attempt to weaken the union.

Iowa begins the fiscal year on July 1 with a budget surplus of almost $1 billion, $400 million of which Branstad wants to spend on tax cuts over five years.

“We’re only one of six states in the nation paying zero [for health care costs],” Branstad said. “What we’re asking is that state employees pay their fair share.”

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