Avoiding Workplace Injuries

Unfortunately, many workers are injured at their jobs every year. As such, it is not only important for employers to take actions to prevent such accidents, but to provide workers with support in the event that accidents do occur.

One of the ways a workplace injury can be avoided is if the company’s management spearheads activities or events that promote safety in the work environment, such as staying in constant communication via email or posting posters of the possible hazards that can be encountered while working on the job site. These efforts can help make the worker aware of the potential dangers and, therefore, more alert of his or her surroundings.

It is also important that all equipment is always checked for malfunction, degradation, and worn down parts. Also, the company should routinely conduct site inspections to ensure that all safety regulations are being followed and that undue hazards do not exist.

Many employers fail to take these and other steps, however, allowing workers to sustain injuries while on the job. When this is the case, a worker may need to file workers’ compensation. Call 877-327-2600 to get help from our legal team at LaMarca Law Group, P.C., with filing your claim or fighting an unfair denial.

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