Study shows workers’ insurance shoulder and knee surgeries cost more

A study released by Cambridge, Massachusetts-based think tank Workers Compensation Research Institute showed that prices for common outpatient hospital knee and shoulder injuries usually cost more when they are paid for via workers’ compensation insurance versus employer-sponsored group health plans. The study was based on data they gathered in 16 states in 2008.

Employers buy workers’ compensation insurance to serve as financial assistance for employees who get sick or injured due to the performance of their day-to-day work duties. This insurance will typically include medical costs and partial replacement of the income that the employee should have been earning had they not been incapacitated.

Employers’ premiums, on the other hand, are calculated based on the size of an employee’s salary and the number of illnesses and injuries in this particular industry.

In Iowa, workers’ compensation insurers paid $8,586 for an average shoulder surgery, which is 50 percent more than what group health care plans paid in 2008.

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