A truck driver ran into two people, leaving both injured

The driver of a truck is in custody after he hit two men at the Highland Park Little League on Sunday, September 18.

The Polk County Sheriff’s deputies received a call regarding the accident before 9:00 a.m. Following the collision with the two men, the operator ran into a concession stand.

The driver wandered away from the accident on foot and was found walking in the middle of a distant road. When he noticed the deputies coming near him, he began to fight them.

The Iowa State Patrol and the Des Moines Police Department were called in to help the deputies arrest the man, who was brought to a hospital. One victim was given medical attention at the scene and released while the other victim was sent to a local hospital in critical condition. The investigation is ongoing.

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Iowa teenager pleas guilty to vehicular homicide

An 18 year-old Nevada, Iowa man has plead guilty to vehicular homicide and two counts of serious injury by vehicle after he caused a fatal car accident that killed a 16 year-old boy and injured a 14 year-old girl and 38 year-old man.

Earlier this summer, the teenager admitted to fleeing from a police officer who believed he stole more than $50 in gas. He drove into an intersection and struck a vehicle, killing the driver. The two passengers in teen’s car were taken to a hospital in Des Moines.

If the man is given the maximum sentence, he could be behind bars for 20 years and fined $150,000 in restitution to the boy’s family.

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