Coal miner’s $2 million injury award upheld by Supreme Court

The Supreme Court recently upheld a court ruling which awarded a West Virginia coal miner almost $2 million after he injured his wrist while working.

The man had been repairing a mantrip vehicle when his wrist was crushed in the vehicle. The man suffered permanent pain from the accident and loss of mobility in his wrist and hand. He never returned to work.

The man was awarded almost $2 million by a jury in 2006. Recently, following an appeals case made by the man’s former company, the Supreme Court upheld the previous ruling.

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State of Washington makes cuts to disability aid

The state of Washington has recently made cuts to their Disability Lifeline program. Disability Lifeline provides benefits to 21,000 people who meet incapacity criteria and are unable to work due to physical or mental impairment.

While payments have already faced large cuts, Washington Governor Chris Gregorie has proposed completely eliminating the payments in March. The program is just one of many state-sponsored social services programs that face proposed cuts in response to the state’s budget problems.

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Arkansas woman’s worker’s compensation case reaches Supreme Court of AR

The Arkansas Supreme Court this week ruled in favor or a Little Rock nursing assistant who was injured in a fall while on the job, ruling that she is eligible for workers compensation benefits.

According to court documents, in October 2008 the woman was returning to a mandatory work meeting after a cigarette break when she fell and fractured her left arm.

After she filed a workers compensation claim seeking medical and temporary total disability benefits, her employer rejected her claim. She then took them to local court, where an administrative law judge ruled in the woman’s favor.

The case was then appealed by the company, and an appeals court overturned this ruling. The woman then appealed her case to the Supreme Court where the original ruling was upheld.

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The implications of Healing Period benefits

There are a number of different types of temporary disability benefits. One type is Healing Period benefits.

Healing period benefits are given to workers who are recovering from a workplace injury that resulted in permanent impairment. These benefits start the day after the injury occurs and continue until the worker returns to work, recovers as much as possible from the injury, or is medically capable of returning to his or her previous job.

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How long do disability benefits last?

Disability benefits are often structured to end at a certain time. This ending time often depends on the type of injury and the employee's status. 

In some cases, an individual's disability benefits will end when the employee returns to work or has recovered from the injury. Whether or not someone has recovered will often depend on a doctor's diagnosis. 

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