Plumber Rescued After Trench Collapse

Workers from Plumbing Co. in Des Moines, Iowa, were digging a trench to lay down pipes for Deer Creek development when the trench collapsed, trappingĀ  one man beneath 10 inches of dirt in a trench that was 5 feet deep. Coworkers immediately took action to create an airway for the man, enabling him to breathe until the fire department arrived on the scene.

Des Moines firefighters stabilized the trench before sending rescue workers down to uncover the plumber from fallen dirt and debris. Pleased with the successful rescue efforts, authorities commented that “trench rescues are low-frequency, high-risk events because the risk of a repeat collapse can be extremely dangerous for rescuers.”

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Does workers' compensation cover work-related illnesses?

Not all workers’ compensation cases involve employees injured by accidents. Some workers’ compensation cases include injuries related to stress injuries like back problems.

Workers’ compensation may also cover certain illnesses and sicknesses caused by working conditions. These illnesses or diseases may include lung diseases and heart conditions.

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Who pays the medical bills in a workers' compensation case?

When employees are injured on the job, they often need medical treatment that may be expensive. If they are covered under workers’ compensation, then their employer’s insurance company will cover some or all of the expenses.

Because the payments are made by the insurance company, individuals typically do not pay the medical provider directly. Instead, they submit the medical bills to their employer’s insurance company, which will pay the bills.

If you are covered under workers’ compensation and your employer’s insurance is not paying your medical bills, contact the Des Moines workers’ compensation attorneys of LaMarca Law Group, P.C., at 877-327-2600.

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