Massachusetts prison guard accused of workers comp fraud

A Massachusetts prison guard from Freetown pleaded not guilty in a Suffolk Superior Court last week to charges that he ran long-distance races while at the same time collecting worker’s compensation payments for an on-the-job injury he said made him unable to perform manual or strenuous labor.

The judge in the case released the guard on Tuesday on his own recognizance pending the trial date.

Prosecutors allege that the guard was injured in July 2008 while at work, and then collected about $56,000 in worker’s compensation benefits between January and March of the next year.

Authorities began the investigation this year following an anonymous tip to the attorney general’s office that the guard had run in a January 2009 marathon while receiving worker’s compensation benefits.

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Workers compensation costs rise as claims frequency declines

NCCI Holdings Inc. released a report last Friday that shows indemnity and medical severity for workers compensation claims continued to rise in 2009 while frequency of such claims continued to drop.

The Boca Raton, Fla.-based unit of the National Council on Compensation Insurance Inc. said on Friday that the frequency of workers comp claims dropped 4% in 2009 following a 3.4% decrease in 2008.

The increased use of robotics, an aging workforce, and improved safety practices have contributed to this frequency decrease.

Complex claims, such as lower-back issues, have declined at a rate greater than the average decline for the last five years.

“It remains to be seen whether changes in average wage and indemnity cost per claim will begin to converge in 2010,” NCCI said in the research brief.

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Fraud caught after Facebook posting

An Accord, New York woman was sentenced this week in state court for her role in defrauding her workplace for around $9,000 in undeserved workers’ compensation benefits and sentenced to three years probation, according to court documents.

The woman was accused of lying at a Workers’ Compensation Board hearing, wherein she stated that she was no working at the time that she was receiving worker’s benefit payments.

Authorities caught the woman when she bragged on Facebook about her salary and current job, where she was working while receiving benefits from her old company.

New Jersey woman's $7 million settlement upheld by courts

The $7 million settlement awarded to the wife of a New Jersey worker who developed mesothelioma as a result of laundering her husband’s asbestos-laden clothing has been upheld by a New Jersey Appellate Court this week.

Her husband was an employee for Exxon at one of their refineries in Linden, NJ. While there, he was exposed to asbestos when removing insulation from piping. Although the company equipped the workers with helmets, it did not provide respirators, which would have protected against the asbestos.

This case is reminiscent of the first successful legal action taken against a company for irresponsible exposure to asbestos. In 1981, also in New Jersey, a woman sued the Union Asbestos and Rubber Company for her mesothelioma, which she developed after washing her husband’s clothes.

The court rejected Exxon’s counter-claim that the woman (also an ex-Exxon employee) should have been required to seek benefits under workers’ compensation.

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Man Nearly Killed in Grain Elevator Fall, Company Ticketed

According to KIMT, “Last May, Keegan Henry, 17 of Nashua fell at least 60 feet from the top of the tallest silo at The Mill Incorporated at 102 Sample Street in Nashua.” The owner still claims he does not know what the worker was doing at the top at that time.

Now, the company has been ticketed by Iowa Occupational Safety and Health Bureau. KIMT reports, the company is being cited for “6 “serious” safety violations and proposing penalties of $5,100.

Employees took about an hour to located Henry below the empty silo. Henry is still recovering at a special center, and family members say he remains in a partial coma.

The company has not yet made a decision about whether to contest the violations.

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Contractor rescued following trench collapse

A plumbing contractor working in a new housing development in Des Moines was rescued after a trench collapsed on him on Thursday afternoon. The man was an employee of Plumbing Co. and was working at 909 Northeast Chambers Parkway when the trench collapsed on him, burying him in dirt.

Rescue workers were able to pull the man out from under nearly one foot of dirt, and reports say he was conscious during the rescue. The cause of the accident has not been released, but the site is currently being investigated by the Iowa Occupational Safety and Health administration.

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Does workers' compensation cover work-related illnesses?

Not all workers’ compensation cases involve employees injured by accidents. Some workers’ compensation cases include injuries related to stress injuries like back problems.

Workers’ compensation may also cover certain illnesses and sicknesses caused by working conditions. These illnesses or diseases may include lung diseases and heart conditions.

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Who pays the medical bills in a workers' compensation case?

When employees are injured on the job, they often need medical treatment that may be expensive. If they are covered under workers’ compensation, then their employer’s insurance company will cover some or all of the expenses.

Because the payments are made by the insurance company, individuals typically do not pay the medical provider directly. Instead, they submit the medical bills to their employer’s insurance company, which will pay the bills.

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