Arkansas woman’s worker’s compensation case reaches Supreme Court of AR

The Arkansas Supreme Court this week ruled in favor or a Little Rock nursing assistant who was injured in a fall while on the job, ruling that she is eligible for workers compensation benefits.

According to court documents, in October 2008 the woman was returning to a mandatory work meeting after a cigarette break when she fell and fractured her left arm.

After she filed a workers compensation claim seeking medical and temporary total disability benefits, her employer rejected her claim. She then took them to local court, where an administrative law judge ruled in the woman’s favor.

The case was then appealed by the company, and an appeals court overturned this ruling. The woman then appealed her case to the Supreme Court where the original ruling was upheld.

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One killed, four injured in workplace accident

A fatal workplace accident occurred at Sewickley Wastewater Treatment Plant leaving one plant employee killed and four more injured after they tried to help their fellow co-worker.

The cause of the accident is unknown, but it is thought a gas of some kind was the reason for the tragic accident. According to officials, the man was working in a 30-foot hole when he attempted to climb out, but fell backward into the hole.

He then radioed in that he was feeling faint and workers responded to the call. Three more employees were faint after inhaling the unknown fumes. All four people were rushed to the hospital and three were treated and released while the other was pronounced dead.

Workplace accidents can change the lives of all people involved, our thoughts are with the friends and family of the victim.

Man Nearly Killed in Grain Elevator Fall, Company Ticketed

According to KIMT, “Last May, Keegan Henry, 17 of Nashua fell at least 60 feet from the top of the tallest silo at The Mill Incorporated at 102 Sample Street in Nashua.” The owner still claims he does not know what the worker was doing at the top at that time.

Now, the company has been ticketed by Iowa Occupational Safety and Health Bureau. KIMT reports, the company is being cited for “6 “serious” safety violations and proposing penalties of $5,100.

Employees took about an hour to located Henry below the empty silo. Henry is still recovering at a special center, and family members say he remains in a partial coma.

The company has not yet made a decision about whether to contest the violations.

The workplace can be quite dangerous, and one safety error on the part of your company can cause serious threats to your health. If you or someone you know has been injured on the job, contact the Des Moines Workers’  Compensation Lawyers at LaMarca Law Group, P.C., by dialing 1-877-327-2600 today.

Worker falls in grain silo

An Iowa grain worker was injured Wednesday after falling 60 feet to the bottom of a grain silo.

The worker was reportedly operating a grain elevator when he fell into an empty bin. He sustained injuries after hitting the concrete floor and was left unassisted for two hours until other workers found him. After being lifted out of the silo, he was taken to a nearby Waterloo hospital for treatment.

A workplace accident can lead to severe injuries that leave a worker unable to return to the job for weeks, months, or even years. If you or someone you know has been injured on the job, it is important to ensure that you receive the compensation you need to recover from your injuries and accident related costs.

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Do you need an attorney to receive workers' compensation benefits?

When individuals seek workers’ compensation benefits, they are not required to hire an attorney. This means that individuals do not need an attorney to file petitions or appear before court.

However, some individuals benefit from having an attorney. Because attorneys are equipped to represent their clients best interests in legal circumstances, they can be especially helpful in complicated workers’ compensation cases.

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Who chooses the medical care in a workers' compensation case?

When treating employees’ workplace injuries, the employer typically provides the medical care. As part of this process, the employer usually has the right to choose the medical care provider.

If an employee is not satisfied with his health care treatment, that employee can discuss the issue with his employer or the insurance carrier. If the employee is still not satisfied, he may apply for alternate medical care to the workers’ compensation commission.

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Des Moines plant manager killed in workplace accident

A manager at an Iowa plant was killed in an accident last week. According to police reports, the accident occurred at the Anderson Erickson Dairy in Des Moines.

While plant officials did not comment on how the accident occurred, it apparently happened to one of the plant’s managers. As a result, police are still investigating the accident.

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Who is responsible for administering workers' compensation laws?

The Division of Workers’ Compensation is responsible for administering and enforcing workers’ compensation laws. This division is headed by the workers’ compensation commissioner and is part of the Iowa Workforce Development.

While this office cannot represent either parties’ interests, it has a number of functions. It is responsible for providing information about the law and assisting in any procedural matters.

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Iowa Supreme Court rules in slaughterhouse worker's injuries

A slaughterhouse worker took his case all the way to the Supreme Court to prove that he suffered an injury, not an illness, as a result of his work and should therefore be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits.

The worker contracted brucellosis, a blood contamination caused by certain bacteria carried by domestic animals, during his 10 years at the meat packing plant. Six years after leaving the company, he learned that he had brucellosis and filed a worker’s compensation claim for disability benefits. However, the slaughterhouse claimed that the worker suffered from an illness, not an injury, and therefore was not eligible for benefits. After a long series of court battles, the Iowa Supreme Court ruled that an injury would have occurred for the bacteria to be contracted, and thus the condition could be considered an injury.

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What is light duty work?

When employees are injured on the job, they may be unable to return to their normal job function for a period of time. In some cases, employees can request light duty.

Under light duty, employees may perform a limited job function in the following ways:

  • Work in a modified workspace
  • Take on tasks that are less demanding
  • Work less hours than usual

If you or anyone you know has been injured on the job, contact the Des Moines workers’ compensation lawyers of LaMarca Law Group, P.C., at 877-327-2600.

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