Worker Dead After Waverly Construction Accident

51-year-old Larry L. Reisner died Saturday morning. According to the WCF Courier, “Reisner was injured Thursday at the site of the new middle school for the Waverly-Shell Rock School District.” He was a construction worker on the job.

Reisner was hit in the head by a brace that supported a concrete wall. After the horrific construction accident, “He was taken to Waverly Health Center and then transferred to the Iowa City hospital,” reports the WCF Courier. He died at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics in Iowa City.

The funeral will be held on Wednesday.

Wright County Supervisor Outlines Workplace Safety Goals

Following the Christmas holidays, officials in Wright County, Iowa have set a preliminary hearing for February 18, 2010 to discuss important matters. The meeting also included a letter from the Loss Control Specialist of the Iowa Municipalities’ Workers Compensation Association, which outlined his recommendations for improving workplace safety.

Sources say the letter included recommendations for strengthening seat-belt policies for employees, improvement on monthly safety meetings, and the establishment of a “return to work” policy. Such continued focus may help improve workplace safety for persons performing the duties required of them by their employer.

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The basics of eye injuries in the workplace

Hundreds of eye injuries occur in the workplace everyday. Many of these injuries are caused by small, flying objects striking the eye. 

Common objects include cement chips, wood chips, dust particles, and other small particles that can strike the eye. In many cases, these eye injuries must be treated in the hospital. 

A second type of eye injuries include those caused by the splashing of industrial chemicals, cleaning products, or other chemical solutions. In industries where such chemicals are commonly present, employees should wear protective eyewear and take other necessary precautions. 

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Titan Tire employee injured at industrial plant

A 20-year-old Titan Tire employee was seriously injured in an industrial plant accident in Des Moines Aug. 4. Christian Alvarez, an operator in the millroom, was in serious condition after the accident. 

A police report said Alvarez apparently became stuck in a machine and suffered head and neck injuries before firemen could pull him out. A Union Steel Workers' spokesperson said Alvarez worked on a machine that winds up fabric used in tire liners. 

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What defines a work-related injury?

Although an employee may not be in the office or performing a function that normally relates to his job, that employee could still receive compensation for injury under Iowa law under certain circumstances.

According to a 1944 Iowa Supreme Court ruling, if the activities that led to the injury benefited the employer, or were for the mutual benefit of the employer and worker, these injuries should be treated as work-related.

For instance, Robert Powell of Cedar Rapids hurt his back while bowling as part of a company program to boost worker morale. Because the activity was considered work-related, his employer paid more than $100,000 in workers’ compensation benefits.

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