The dangers of working in the construction industry

To work in the construction industry, one must be careful and professional.The following is a brief breakdown of the steps that should be taken to prevent injury on a construction site:

  • First of all, within the vicinity of the construction site, a considerable number of potential safety hazards exist, and workers are exposed to heights, harmful substances, and heavy equipment. Exercising appropriate caution at all times within the worksite is essential.
  • Second, moving around a construction site is a challenge in itself, for every step has the potential to result in injuries if care is not properly exercised. Making certain that the construction company provides its workers with appropriate safety gear, including work boots, is essential.
  • Finally, working around a construction site requires a considerable deal of skill and experience on the part of workers, as they need to be able to know what they’re doing in order to get the job done and avoid injuries. Lack of proper training can pose serious injury risks.

The dangers that usually accompany construction jobs include falls, burns, explosions due to highly flammable objects being tampered with, electrocution, asbestos exposure, and many others. In addition, over time, chronic diseases and conditions which affect the neuromuscular system can also result in serious injuries.

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Woman in hospital after her hair gets stuck in machine

A 25 year-old Ohio woman is recovering at the hospital after a painful accident at a car parts company ripped off her scalp. The employee was just finishing her first week at the plant when her long hair became entangled in a machine.

According to KSEE 24 News, her scalp was torn off at her eyebrows and pulled back to her neck. Other workers could only helpless watch on and wait for paramedics to arrive before she could be cut loose.

Surgeons were able to reattach about 75 percent of her scalp, but the remaining quarter was too mangled. She is expected to undergo plastic surgery in the future.

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Plant fined more than $700K for employee’s death

The Tribe Mediterranean Foods’ processing plant in Taunton, Massachusetts has been fined $702,300 by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration after an employee was killed by machinery.

The man was killed after he became caught in the machine he was cleaning, pulled in, and then crushed to death by its rotating augers. OSHA issued 18 violations, most of them willful violations, in relation to the death.

According to the administration’s investigation, the deceased worker was not properly trained by the company about hazardous energy control and other safety procedures. OSHA has now placed Tribe on its Severe Violator Enforcement Program, which will submit the company to follow-up inspections to ensure they are following the law.

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