Car crash victim awake after 28 days in coma

A comatose car crash victim regained consciousness nearly a full month—28 days—after she began the ordeal.

The first third of her stay was spent in and out of major surgery to care for her broken neck, arm, wrist, and ankle. The accident occurred when a speeding fugitive hit her head-on in Urbandale.

“I feel really tired and sore, and I’m in a lot of pain,” Martinez said when prompted about how she was feeling. Her family reported feeling elated that she was finally awake and that her children are handling the situation much better now that they know that she is awake and recognizes them. Martinez’s sister, Marcy Ashley, has said that they’ve just started to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

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Truck driver discovered hours after I-80 crash

Rescue workers found an overturned semi-trailer and an injured driver on I-80, west of the Grand Prairie Parkway exit near Waukee on June 15.

Officials believe the truck, which was hauling lettuce and strawberries, went into the median and dropped thirty feet between two bridges, landing upside down in Sugar Creek. “We had some construction workers working on the north side of the bridge, and they saw a semi-trailer down in the river,” said Iowa State Trooper Tracy Bohlen. “And they did find the driver laying out in the water, halfway up on a couple pallets.” Troopers said the driver suffered from a broken leg, but was able to talk and stand. The driver, a California man, told rescuers that he crashed around 4 a.m.

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