Woman denied workers’ compensation benefits following state decision

A woman lost her workers’ compensation case after filing for permanent disability benefits due to psychological anguish she sustained in a workplace incident, a report published by the Iowa City Press-Citizen on Thursday, January 30, stated.

In March 2010, around 15 workers were rushed to the University of Iowa Hospital and Clinic (UIHC) after approximately 30 gallons of liquid ammonia leaked in a West Liberty Foods processing plant. Among the workers was Maria Cruz, who claims she has suffered from permanent emotional trauma after being undressed in front of other people to be hosed down as a decontamination procedure.

The State of Iowa has denied Cruz her permanent disability claim after Deputy Workers’ Compensation Commissioner William Grell ruled on January 15 that Cruz can still perform her work duties despite the incident. Grell added that none of the mental health professionals have placed a work restriction on her, despite stating that her mental anguish is real.

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Study finds paid sick leave prevents injuries

A new study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and published in the American Journal of Public Health reveals that workers who receive paid sick leave are less likely to be injured in the workplace than people who do no get paid sick leave by 28 percent.

Healthcare workers who do not receive paid sick leave are 18 percent more likely to be hurt at work, and construction workers are even more at risk with a 21 percent risk increase.

Not taking sick time off can not only cause future injuries, but it could also lead to needing more time off in the future. Workers who come to work sick six or more times are 53 percent more likely to need two weeks off later on due to an illness.

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Workplace inspections save company money, says study

A new study by Harvard Business School has revealed that, while many businesses lament the cost of federal safety regulations, workplace safety inspections do not actually hurt businesses’ profits or sales.

In fact, regular workplace inspections save the companies money in workers’ compensation, injury claims, and loss of production. Compared to firms that are not randomly inspected, inspected companies save about 26 percent more on workers’ compensation and reduce their injury claims by 9.4 percent.

Researchers studied companies inspected by California’s Division of Occupational Safety and Health from 1996-2006. According to the Huffington Post, companies saved about $355,000 on injury claims and compensation over a four-year period.

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