Injured trash hauler’s workers comp case to move forward

A workers’ compensation case involving a 55 year-old Des Moines trash hauler who was injured on the job in 2009 will finally be prosecuted. The man was injured three years ago after he fell eight feet while trying to tie down a tarp on a trash collector.

He was hospitalized after the fall and suffered severe abdominal pain and was vomiting blood, according to state records. His employers did not have insurance to cover workers’ compensation.

After he resigned two years later, a workers’ compensation deputy discovered that his injuries were not properly recorded. Another deputy has ordered his employers to pay the man’s disability payments and a $25,000 penalty. The state is considering criminal and civil ramifications.

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Miners exposed to diesel exhaust more likely to develop lung cancer

A new study by the National Cancer Institute and the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health have found that non-metal miners are significantly more likely to develop and die from lung cancer than other people.

More than 12,000 miners were studied by researchers at non-metal mines such as salt, limestone, trona, and potash mines. These workers are exposed to high levels of diesel exhaust more often than the general population due to the heavy equipment used.

The study found that underground miners with heavy exposure to diesel exhaust, who are also smokers, are three times more likely to develop lung cancer; non-smoking workers are seven times more likely.

If you are a miner and have suffered health problems as a result, contact the workers’ compensation lawyers of LaMarca Law Group, P.C. at 877-327-2600.

Grain elevator explosion sends one to the hospital

A worker was taken to the hospital with burn injuries after a grain elevator exploded in Kansas last week.

Witnesses say the employee opened the elevator door and walked inside when the explosion suddenly occurred. The blast broke windows and a metal door in the head house. So far OSHA and Reno County Emergency Management are investigating the cause of the explosion.

Residents and businesses in a three-block radius of the elevator were ordered to evacuate as a precaution, and traffic and trains were diverted as the city’s gas services inspected the area for a possible gas leak. The man’s condition was not disclosed.

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Michigan governor changes workers compensation legislation

Earlier this week Governor Rick Snyder signed off on a new workers compensation laws in order to repay the federal government $3 billion it owes in unemployment benefits.

However, many are criticizing the new legislation. Unemployed workers who are receiving workers compensation have only 10 weeks to find a job, even if it pays lower than their previous job and is outside their previous experience. If they decide not to take a job after 10 weeks, they could lose their benefits. This provision will make it harder for unemployed workers to collect benefits if they quit or are fired.

The only professions exempt from the new law are firefighters and law enforcement.

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Man pleads guilty to workers’ compensation fraud

A man has received probation after pleading guilty to workers’ compensation fraud and filing a false report.

The 28 year-old paramedic shot himself in January but said that a man wearing a lime green jacket with NASCAR badges on it shot him. While the shooting was under investigation, the man broke down and admitted he made the story up and the wound was self-inflicted.

A judge has sentenced him to thirty-six months probation for workers’ compensation fraud and one year for filing a false report, both will be served concurrently.

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Employee sues employer for $10 million

A former construction worker is suing his employer for $10 million after he lost his leg in a car accident that occurred while on the job. The man says his boss was negligent as she was driving a pickup truck and ran over him.

While his boss has taken sole responsibility for the accident and agreed that he should be awarded workers’ compensation for the accident, she believes that his compensation should be capped at $50,000 by law. The man claims he was not covered by workers’ compensation insurance and so no limit should be imposed.

He is seeking the $10 million in lost income, the extent of his injuries, medical expenses, unpaid overtime, and his wife’s emotional distress.

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University professor denied workers’ compensation

A former professor at the University of Northern Iowa was denied workers’ compensation by state officials after she filed a lawsuit against the school for causing her to have a mental breakdown.

The woman claimed that administrators and colleagues created a stressful and negative environment, which caused her to have a mental breakdown and leave the school. The Deputy Workers’ Compensation Commissioner found that the woman failed to prove that mistreatment by the administrators was the direct cause of her breakdown.

The woman has stated that she will be seeking an appeal.

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Iowa Bill Prevents Off-Duty Employees from Receiving Workers’ Comp

A new bill that has been approved in the Iowa House will prevent workers who are injured at the workplace while they are off duty from collecting workers’ compensation.

The bill was created after an employee of a company was given $30,000 in workers’ compensation after she was injured while running personal errands at her company. Because this case is currently under appeal by the state, some House members who are against the bill have said that they believe the bill was created solely to shorten the appeal of the previously mentioned case.

Despite the concerns of some, the bill was passed 56-36, and the bill will almost definitely have an effect on the outcome of this appeal case.

If you or someone you love has been injured at the workplace and would like more information on collecting workers’ comp, please contact the Des Moines workers’ compensation lawyers of LaMarca Law Group, P.C., at 877-327-2600.

Workers Gather in Des Moines for Rights

The Iowa workers’ union came together to fight for their first amendments right of freedom of assembly and association. An uproar in the union was caused when a bill was approved in Wisconsin, known as the “anti-union” bill, that would take away rights of workers involved in unions.

While many came in support of the workers, members of the Tea Party movement, who oppose unions and their involvement with government, appeared to voice their point of view. They claim that unions are against taxpayers.

In Iowa, no bill has been approved to take away the rights of the workers’ union.

It is important for workers to have rights and exercise those rights whenever possible or necessary. If you are in need of assistance in gaining your worker rights, such as workers compensation or benefits, please contact the Des Moines workers’ compensation lawyers of LaMarca Law Group, P.C. at 877-327-2600.

Montana house approves bill to ban workers’ comp for illegal immigrants

On Tuesday, the Montana house approved a bill that bans illegal immigrants from receiving workers’ compensation. The bill was approved in an initial 60-40 vote, and will face one more vote on Wednesday before being sent to the Senate.

Proponents of the bill say that it will help the state’s problem with high workers’ comp costs. However, opponents said that workers, whether legal or illegal, will still inenvitably be injured on the job and the costs will be transferred to emergency departments of hospitals. These costs, in turn, are shifted to taxpayesr and insurance companies. Additionally, opponents add that companies that hire illegal workers, even accidentally, may face large lawsuits if insurance companies do not pay for their workers comp claims, and businesses may go under.

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