OSHA cites Iowa hog farm for workplace safety violations

The Iowa Division of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has recently cited an Iowa hog farm for four serious workplace safety violations. The company, Anogla  Pork LLC, received the citation after a group of workers made a federal complaint earlier this year.

The citation states that the employers failed to make sure that the facilities were furnished in a way that they were free from hazards that could potentially cause worker injuries. The OSHA inspection took place on Sept. 19 and it was found that the power washers were improperly installed and could cause injury to workers if they were struck by the high pressure hose. Workers also claimed that they were not trained on how to use the power hoses properly.

Another violation stated that the employers failed to provide soap for them to wash their hands before eating meals and many suffered gastrointestinal illnesses that the believe is a result of working in unsanitary conditions. OSHA also found that Angola did not have  a log of workplace injuries on record. They were fined a total of $3,2oo in penalties.


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