Certain hospital procedures are more expensive under workers’ comp according to study

Outpatient shoulder and knee surgeries often cost more when filed under workers’ compensation insurance than under employer-sponsored group health plans, a study sponsored by the Workers Compensation Research Institute showed.

Two-thirds of the states studied by the Cambridge, Massachusetts-based nonprofit think tank, based on data they collected in 2008, showed that worker compensation payments were greater than those of group health. Also according to the report, workers’ compensation treatment costs were exceptionally high in Iowa ($8,586 for a normal shoulder surgery, 50 percent more than group health care plans), New Jersey ($7,323, whereas group health plans pay only $4,583, which makes the workers’ comp rate 37 percent more), and Virginia ($11,321, which is more than twice the $5,279 paid for by group health plans).

A possible reason for this may have something to do with workers’ compensation insurers having less bargaining power in price negotiations with hospitals than private insurers.

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