Indiana Senate bill would extend workers’ comp benefits

A bill currently passing through the Indiana Senate would extend the workers compensation benefits offered to the spouses of officers who were killed in the line of duty. At the present, these benefits are offered but expire after a period of nine years. The proposed law would extend the benefits to continue until the spouse remarries or passes away.

Supporters of the bill say that it is a small way to thank and support the families of police officers for the sacrifices they are forced to make. However, opponents say the bill would put an unfair burden on local governments, who would be to pay the benefits without state funding.

The Senate labor committee passed the bill with an 8-2 vote on Wednesday, and now the bill faces a vote from the entire house.

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Illinois House passes changes to workers’ compensation

Despite heavy lobbying by union leaders, doctors, and lawyers, new legislation has passed the Illinois House which makes significant changes to workers’ compensation plans. The new legislation says that:

  • Workers’ comp benefits would be capped either at age 67 or at five years after the injury
  • Injured workers must first visit a doctor chosen by employers, rather than a doctor of their own choice

Supporters say that the changes will reduce medical fee expenses for employers by up to 15 percent, but opponents say that the legislation is far below the minimum needs of workers. Another bill is currently in the works to reduce the number of state employees who are allowed to unionize.

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Contractor rescued following trench collapse

A plumbing contractor working in a new housing development in Des Moines was rescued after a trench collapsed on him on Thursday afternoon. The man was an employee of Plumbing Co. and was working at 909 Northeast Chambers Parkway when the trench collapsed on him, burying him in dirt.

Rescue workers were able to pull the man out from under nearly one foot of dirt, and reports say he was conscious during the rescue. The cause of the accident has not been released, but the site is currently being investigated by the Iowa Occupational Safety and Health administration.

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