Des Moines Scaffolding Collapse Lawyers

In many construction projects, scaffolding is erected to help workers safely move around several stories on a building. These structures often attach to the side of a building, rising up as far as workers need to build or make repairs. Although these structures usually display sturdiness and uphold basic safety standards, there are times when scaffolding collapses.

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Potential Problems on Scaffolding

When scaffolding collapses, the subsequent destruction can cause severe injuries and may lead to worker fatalities. In part, this is because of the elevation of platforms on many scaffolding units. These collapses occur for a number of different reasons, which may include any of the following problems:

  • Damaged foundations
  • Broken or damaged ties, which hold the scaffolding to the building
  • Broken floor boards, causing workers to fall through
  • Damaged couplers, or joints that connect the beams

These accidents illustrate the need for regular maintenance for all scaffolding equipment. If a construction company does not properly keep up with their scaffolding structures, the employees could be the ones to suffer.

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Scaffolding collapses are horrifying accidents. Both workers on the scaffolding and workers on the ground below can be severely injured by these accidents. If you have sustained an injury because of an accident involving scaffolding, workers’ compensation may be available for you. To learn more about your rights and options after an injury on the job, contact the Des Moines construction accident lawyers of LaMarca Law Group, P.C., by calling 877-327-2600 today.

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