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The workers’ compensation system is based on a simple principle: arriving at a just settlement for injuries sustained by workers while on the job. However, the method of determining the benefits any individual worker will receive is far from simple. Calculations of benefits will take into account your current pay, the severity of your injury, the extent of your impairment (if applicable), and more.

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Determining Benefits

Benefits under Iowa Workers’ Compensation law include temporary weekly benefits while off work, and mileage expenses to and from the doctor. If you have suffered a permanent injury, you may be entitled to benefits for either your functional loss or your loss of earning capacity.

The amount of disability benefits is based on the weekly rate of compensation, often referred to as your workers’ compensation rate. As a general rule, your workers’ compensation rate is approximately 80 percent of your “average weekly spendable earnings” at the time of the injury.

The law defines spendable earnings as the amount remaining after payroll taxes are deducted from gross weekly earnings. The rate does not change, even though wages may go up or down after the injury. Overtime pay is not included in figuring the gross earnings of a claimant.

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