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The United States has a long history of improving conditions for workers in the manufacturing industry. From early workers’ rights groups to modern safety code regulations, the manufacturing industry has become significantly more safety-oriented over time. Despite this progress, however, conditions are far from perfect. Manufacturing workers still face the constant risk of serious injury.

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Types of Manufacturing Accidents

With massively powerful machines that use force and heat to produce final products with the help and supervision of workers, manufacturing accidents can be particularly horrifying. Not only do the machines themselves require attention, but the condition of the workspace in general should be kept clean and free of clutter to promote worker safety.

The following are some common injuries for workers in the manufacturing industry:

A malfunctioning machine can create a variety of dangerous situations that can threaten the life and good health of workers. Depending on the industry, this can include the outbreak of a fire, an explosion, electrocution, and even toxic chemical exposure. Each sector of the manufacturing industry is expected to follow safety standards put in place to help reduce the possibility of a serious injury.

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