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Few people would dispute the dangers involved with working in the field of manufacturing. On a daily basis, workers share spaces with massive machines, using hazardous chemicals to produce a final product that is often stored for distribution in large-scale quantities. Any number of possible workplace injuries may occur and, in the most extreme and tragic cases, it is possible that a worker could lose his or her life while on the job.

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Extreme Workplace Dangers

Although many manufacturing firms have worked to reduce the overall number of injuries or fatalities caused by working conditions each year, there are still some accidents or malfunctions that take a permanent toll on the workforce. Certainly, many conditions have improved, but there are some problems that remain a serious safety concern for workers. These may include:

  • A machine malfunction
  • A fire
  • Storage collapse
  • Chemical exposure
  • Complications from severe injuries, such as traumatic brain injuries

As workers commonly take special precautions to protect against many of these problems, accidents that claim lives often reflect truly unexpected tragedies.

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Although no sum of money can heal the emotional wounds of a lost loved one, financial compensation may be able to ease some of the practical consequences of such unfortunate events. To learn more about your options in these situations, contact a Des Moines manufacturing accident attorney of LaMarca Law Group, P.C., at 877-327-2600 today.

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