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There is a common belief that employees who work in office environments are safe from work-related harm, especially when compared to workers in other industries. However, this is simply untrue. Although the types of injuries may differ, there can be very serious consequences when an office worker is injured on the job.

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Types of Office-Related Injuries

Employees may be eligible to collect workers’ compensation benefits if they are unable to complete their job duties due to an injury sustained while at work. This often necessitates a set recovery period in which the worker is given time to attend to major medical concerns and prepare to return to work. With office-related injuries, this recovery period is often an important part of a physician’s treatment plan.

Common types of office injuries include:

It is important to remember that a workspace may extend beyond one particular building or location. In fact, modern workspaces may include any areas in which employees meet to work. As a result, injuries that occur while traveling for a business conference or a similar work-related function may permit collection of workers’ compensation benefits.

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